Product Description

There is a moment when the sun hits the surface of a lagoon and creates a lens resemblance. This effect captures a “spark” and turns it into a source of light. Fluid captures this moment of ephemeral beauty: a ripple of light, a droplet hitting the surface of calm water.


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Product Specification



Fluid Edition
1000 × H 2500 MM


Blown Glass, Aluminium

Colour / Finish

Smoky Green, Green

Light Fitting

COB LED, 350MA (Max 5W)

Nao Tamura

Nao Tamura is a designer in the most modern terms. Her talents cross-over cultures, languages, disciplines, concepts and styles with consistency of smart thinking always at the heart of her work. She is truly global in her insights and execution. As a product of Tokyo and New York City creative communities. Nao defies the kind of categorization that the industry status-quo often insists upon. Her unique solutions are more than simply design and possess a rare balance of innovation and beauty.