Glass blowing may present limitations, nevertheless, drawing from the tradition of Venetian craftsmen, we are confident in our expertise and skills. We truly believe in the beauty of tailor-made glass blowing. We want to engage you in this conversation to see what can be achieved when we combine our creativity and expertise with your imagination.

The combination of inventive, original design and traditional handmade quality make WonderGlass a unique brand on the international artistic scene. We are inspired by the idea of finding that ever evolving point of balance between the innovation of the lighting industry, human sensibility and the frontiers of craftsmanship.

Many designers strive to create a dialogue between nature and technology, a perfect combination of knowledge and intuition. WonderGlass wants to satisfy this goal of coupling fantasy and interactivity, the tangible with the intangible.

We encourage people to notice those things they take for granted: to reach an unconscious recognition that everyone instinctively feels and understands.

By combining the work of audacious and creative artists and designers with its longstanding and reputed expertise in Venetian glass blowing techniques WonderGlass is able to satisfy your requests with bespoke creations and outstanding pieces.